We have upgraded our email system as of March 10, 2024!
Email migration from the old system to our new system was completed as of midnight, March 10, 2024. If you wish to access the old email service, click here. If you find emails there that are not on the new server, simply forward them to your email address, and the old system will send it to the new system.

There are two ways you can access your Aledo BroadBand email: by web or by using email software such as Outlook, Mail, etc.

Access by web
Click here to log in and manage your email on our new email platform. Your Username is your full email address, (“”, not “jdoe”).  Contact us if you don’t remember your password. Be sure to include your phone number in the Comments.

Access by POP3 Software (such as Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird, etc).
This method is preferred. Server settings are as follows:

Password: yourpassword
SMTP Authentication is required.

Your email software should auto-detect all relevant settings not listed above

To add or delete an email address, send an email to support.